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Brent-2015-Headshot-Icon-Final-VersionIn the How to Get Along with Anybody Quick Start Video Series and Guide you gain valuable insight into relationships at work and home.   Studies show that 85% of success is interpersonal skills and 15% of success is technical skills.   Have you ever had a relationship you couldn’t figure out? In this How to Get Along with Anybody you will learn how to reduce tension in your relationships and be the positive force of trust and communication. If after accessing these videos you want to take advantage of The Take 5 Video Library, you will receive a discount to access our entire video library.

Brent Strehlow, creator of Take 5 and Founder of TMI Leadership Consulting firm is certified in Extended DISC.   Extended DISC is a behavioral assessment tool that helps people to improve individual, team and organizational performance.   Team-building has been a key focus over the last 20 years and he has gained valuable insights into relational dynamics. Brent is a sought after consultant, speaker and relationship specialist.

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3 Facts You Should Ask About Every Relationship

In the first video you will discover the two fears that can create major conflict in a relationship. Once you identify these fears it will help you to understand and communicate more effectively. It will also reduce anger in a relationship. Improving communication will enable you to build trust rather than create distrust. Every relationship is either based more on love and respect or fear.

5 Phases an Unhealthy Relationship Will Go Though

In the second video you will learn the phases a relationship can go through as it deteriorates. Your awareness and actions can turn the direction of the relationship and get it going in the right direction. Learn today what phase your challenging relationship is and what you can do to improve the relationship. The person with the most emotional intelligent can transition a declining relationship into a positive relationship.

8 Keys to Help Every Relationship Flourish

In the third video you will learn practical actions to turn the relationship into a positive growing relationship. If the relationship is very toxic, it is important to take the right steps to improve the communication and trust. Sometimes you need an objective third party to help you take the negative out of the relationship. We want to help you understand and empower you to do the right thing.


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